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November 12, 2021

Former McDonald's Execs Pile On

 Insider reports on Friday

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Anonymous said...

Wow, listening to MCD EXEC's talk about brand trust - like it's something to buy. No, it's something that is EARNED. It started with a system built by Ray and Fred understanding the needs of its customers, as filtered through their finger on the pulse of the system by their Franchisees.

It was developed by Franchisees living and working their markets with philosophies like "We're just not on your corner, we're in your corner". Development of the Ronald McDonald House Charity and other initiatives. Philosophies DESTROYED by today's McDonald's leaders - who forced consolidated markets, forcing operators outside the touch of their communities and outside their restaurants. Making the McDonald's Brand into the FAILING philosophies of its competitors by people with NO MCDONALD'S HISTORY and complete disrespect for the franchisees.

This is complemented by Wallstreet millennials that never understood that philosophy - blaming operators for issues. Actually, believing that if CORPORATE OWNED AND OPERATED more of their restaurants, the quicker the turn around for greater success. NO - there's a reason MCD CORP doesnt own MORE stores - shareholders took them away from the entity that couldnt produce and gave them to the group that does.