Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 14, 2021

Comment on Comments

Many anonymous comments have not been approved for posting because they are just too inflammatory. In other words, they contain a lot of name-callings. There is entirely too much name-calling in this country as evidenced by the newly elected Lt. Governor of Virginia being called a "White Supremacist".

Name-calling isn't a discussion, it's the end of discussion.

And I don't think this is all about race. Yes, race is the symptom but the disease is a bumbling CEO who thinks he's here to change the world, not to sell hamburgers.

So please stick to the issues at hand and express yourself without sounding like you on CNN or MSBC.


Anonymous said...

Right! Stick to making and selling fresh, hot and affordable burgers, fries and shakes!
It's what made us seize the American Dream, not peddling wokeness signaling.

Anonymous said...

But what do you do about a ceo whos embarrassed by the brand he represents and is only here for the million$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

"bumbling CEO"
Truer words were never spoken...