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April 11, 2021

WSJ on "Woke" CEOs

As we've discussed many times we try to avoid posting articles from the Wall Street Journal under the assumption that few visitors maintain their rather pricey subscription. One of the  best political writers/commentators iin the country is Kimberley Strassel of the WSJ. She recently posted a column titled "Corporate America's Big Lie". If you're a WSJ subscriber, don't miss it. For non-subscribers I've stolen her ending paragraph below.

"Smart executives have long understood the value of political neutrality. Corporate America is now throwing its lot in with one of the most partisan, brass-knuckle, dishonest campaigns in recent political history. It will be a long time mending fences with Republicans—if that’s even possible."

From WSJ Opinion page


Anonymous said...

"Smart executives have long understood the value of political neutrality."

Here's the deal: business is business, politics is politics, and never the twain should meet.

Corporate America, I really don't give a rat's hind quarters what your politics are, just so long as you don't rub my nose in it. If, however, you insist on rubbing my nose in your politics, woke, or otherwise, I'm just not going to give you my business. Try to politicize my life outside of the realm of politics, and I'm just not going to have anything to do with you, let alone open my wallet for you. Period. End of story. Fini.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

Gonna be hard to make your political views relevant to anyone when 74 million Americans plus cease to do byusiness with you because of them, and then you're not on TV anymore because you are out of business.

Anonymous said...