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April 5, 2021

McFamily Feud - Fortune


          Beth Kowitt takes an in-depth look at McDonald's recent history

Note the references to analyst Mark Kalinowski's Owner/Operator surveys.


Richard Adams said...

“I don’t think this shift is unique to McDonald’s,” says Katie Beirne Fallon, who was hired by Kempczinski in October as chief global impact officer, a new role for the company. “There’s more pressure on corporations to solve problems in a way that the public sector doesn’t seem to be able to anymore.”

No Katie - Most of these companies were built by brilliant, hard-working people who had talents unavailable to the current managements. This "Woke " crop of managers are people who could not have built these companies, are educated beyond their level of intelligence, and have a short-term perspective on the welfare of the company.

But her last sentence is the most ominous, "in a way that the public sector doesn’t seem to be able to anymore.”. Since Katie wasn't able to change the world to her likeing while working in the Obama White House she now intends to do it using the power of brand McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

MCD should NEVER engage in social, racial, political or religious issues EVER!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Never, never,never - all we do is make a hamburger, and support child care with a good home.

Anonymous said...

Katie, stick to figuring out how to sell more burgers and fries and how to get more than $1 for a drink.

If you want to do more, quit and run for office and stay far, far away from us.

Anonymous said...

Then why was there a BMOA, HMOA, WON, etc? The "woke" culture at McDonald's goes back a long way.

Anonymous said...

We need to bring back the McFamily atmosphere, and Ronald McDonald. The current management team is far too heavy handed, too socially/politically involved, and lacks operations understanding and depth. They abhor operators and operator input. They have destroyed the partnership and the three legged stool. SMH