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January 12, 2019

I Have a Customer Complaint About McDonald's Customers

It's going to be difficult to grow sales at McDonald's with all of this customization and constantly changing product lines. With all the different value platforms McDonald's is attracting fussy customers looking for customized food at the lowest price.

Example: Last week I visited a McDonald's about 3:30 in the afternoon. As I walked into
the restaurant a couple were at the front counter getting ready to order food. I stood 
behind them. I didn't hear every word but they were having a long conversation about 
what they wanted to order. They kept asking the crew person questions. Turns out they
wanted sesame seed buns on their Filet-O-Fish.

The crew person couldn't figure out how to enter such a product so he ran to the manager working drive-thru. The manager leaves drive-thru to assist. Much discussion ensues. The manager then heads for the grill area, I assume to coordinate this special order.

It took these people nearly three minutes to order and pay. And all they bought were four customized Filets for $10.00. More and more bottom feeders expecting customization and variety, all for $2.50 a sandwich.

How does an Operator make money attracting such customers? And what about the other customers? If I were a normal person I might have walked out and gone elsewhere. 

Now, the restaurant did a fine job. They handled these difficult customers properly and 
had their order to them very quickly.

It seems the drive-thru percentage will continue to climb.

Chicago Tribune reports:

'People love bacon': McDonald's to serve Big Mac Bacon, Quarter Pounder Bacon


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Customization negatively affects service times. So does a 5 minute wait for HOTG quarter pounders!

Anonymous said...

Good point about the bacon. We should have a bacon sandwich. People love it.

Anonymous said...

Forget a bacon sandwich. Bacon is not PC, at all.
Pajama Boys don't eat bacon and PC Pajama Boys are in full control of McDonalds and its menu.
Bacon is definitely NOT modern and progressive.
Pajama Boys are nothing if not full on progressive.