Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 8, 2019

Build That Wall?

Operators call for halt to new remodels - Jonathan Maze

Also by Maze - On the NLC Survey
“Cash-strapped franchisees say a lot 
is happening at once, without much return."


Anonymous said...

Most operators are very cash strapped. It is estimated that BB2020 will bankrupt 40% of us!

Want to effect MCDs cash flow like they have done to Operators? DO NOT PAY any MCD bills until the last possible moment. Hit em in the bank account!!!

Anonymous said...

According to liberal progressives which Chris K probably is part of the club "Walls divide people not unite people" According to Pelosi building a wall(s) "is a manhood issue" Chris K do you have a manhood issue?

O/O's do not support the (SAM) wall Chris K needs to include more funding for the wall O/O costs add up to more than $13,500.