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December 12, 2016

Two Takes on Chipotle's Burger Business

Our friendly analyst Mark Kalinowski recently visited Chipotle's "Tasty Made".
His report is covered in these two articles.

Tasty Made Changes Beef & Prices - ╬▓urger╬▓usiness

NRN on Tasty Made


Anonymous said...


On a different subject can you provide info on the SMITH family LP in California where MCD gave 800 employees over
3 million dollars. No one said anything at the last co-op meeting I thought the GM or QSCVP would be happy to discuss
what happened. Seeng we are all on the same team and sit on that 3 legged stool. ( with that 1 short leg).

Richard Adams said...

I don't think you can expect McDonald's executives to discuss such litigation or the settlement.

And, keep in mind, this all happened in California. This state doesn't really have a legal system. It's a state entirely run by one political party and that party is simply a puppet of union thugs.

There's no good news in this case for McDonald's Operators and this settlement does not prove that McDonald's Corp. is a joint employer. Nor does it prove the Operator did anything wrong but is probably just a victim of litigation funded by organized labor.