December 19, 2016

Chipotle Adds Another McDonald's Guy to Board

Remember when activist investor Bill Ackman tried to get McDonald's to spin off some
of its real estate and McOpCos? At the time the CFO of McDonald's was one Matthew Paull.

Soon after Paull "retired" from McDonald's he ended up working at Ackman's investment 
firm. Ackman has taken a position in Chipotle and has put Paull on the Chipotle board of

Humorously, this is supposed to give Chipotle someone with restaurant experience. Trouble 
is, Paull was the chief financial officer at McDonald's. He knows as much about restaurant 
operations as Jack Greenberg knew.

And, from day one there have been two former McDonald's execs. on the Chipotle board, 
Pat Flynn and John Charlesworth. If McDonald's experience can fix Chipotle those two
guys should have already gotten it done.

Chipotle Adds Four Board Members in Ackman-Endorsed Shake-Up - Bloomberg


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Bye bye Chipolte.

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