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December 5, 2016

McDonald’s Digital Officer Logs Off

I don't know if this guy ever did any actual work for McDonald's Corp. but he
was famous for giving speeches and attending technology conferences.

McDonald’s digital officer departure continues executive turnover:


Richard Adams said...

Another resume builder.

Anonymous said...

He was also famous for building a hub in San Francisco which to this point has produced nothing. He was good at spending money. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

The Contributions of these new people like Easterbrook, Andres, Gibbs & Rafiq have been very underwhelming at best. Best in Class is not just about wishes &'words it must be about Execution as well. What is Vision 2020 anyway??

Anonymous said...

Been with Mickey Dees LOOONNG time. Was an exciting, fast moving, fulfilling work. For the first time, it totally sucks, all talk and busy work. A communication nightmare. Liars, fakers, incompetents. I can't wait to get out. Never thought I would feel that way ever.

Anonymous said...

Good... too bad they will find some other waste of space.