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June 13, 2016

This ChiTrib Columnist Likes the Move to Chicago

There's some fun history here about the original move to Oak Brook and design of 
the new 1971 office.

McDonald's returning to Chicago because 20 miles away risks being out of it


Anonymous said...

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reports that China National Chemical Corp. and New Hope Group Co. are among those interested in bids for McDonald's operations in China; KKR & Co. is said to be considering working with a Chinese firm on a joint bid for franchise rights

Just a great move Corp, selling FOOD operations to a CHEMICAL COMPANY !


Anonymous said...

Don't think it is that big a deal. If it saves McDonald's Corporation money great; maybe they can help reinvest in their buildings, increase shareholder equity etc. I am not so sure it will lead to hiring better talented people but we'll see what happens.

I am also not so sure it will lead to collaborative ideas as anyone who speaks up in McDonald's or does not go along with their bosses program, wishes becomes un-promotable. Challenging the status quo is not an environment McDonald's fosters. If they want ideas why not just talk to restaurant managers, mid-level operations people and franchisees, instead the ideas are going to come from a group who worked in a restaurant for three weeks during their orientation and now sitting around a conference table.

Anonymous said...

Closer to our customers? Most of our customers live in the suburbs! This is just liberal urban elites going home to be with their own kind.

Anonymous said...

This is about money, plain and simple. Moving downtown will force many of the long time employees, legacy employees, to leave the company. Those will ever replaced by millenials with no knowledge of the company and little regard for the owners. They're also not loyal. Modern, progressive and clueless.