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June 13, 2016

Oak Brook Confirms Move Into Chicago

In 1998 McDonald's CEO Jack Greenberg reorganized the seven domestic "Zones"
into five Divisions claiming the move would put management "closer to our customers".
Trouble was, most of the new divisional offices were scattered around Chicagoland.

Today's press release says the move to Chicago will "drive business momentum by 
getting us even closer to our customers".

The only customers McDonald's Corp. will be closer to will be the homeless people
who populate the restrooms in The Loop restaurants.

"McDonald's, welcome back to sweet home Chicago," Mayor Rahm Emanuel

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Anonymous said...

Moving to the belly of the liberal beast. However, it will be a lot more convenient for corporate personnel to join in with the SEIU et al., when they march for a higher minimum wage and other benefits. Modern and progressive.