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May 14, 2016

Union's Have Changed the Language

Sympathies go out to our friends in Miami Beach who have to live with such a
misguided and anti-business Mayor. 

Note the discussion is about minimum wage but he keeps referring to a "living wage". 
Organized labor has been very successful in changing the definition of the minimum 
wage. Now an employee is supposed to be able to buy a house, car, and support a
family on an entry-level pay rate.

Imagine a future where politicians have the power to determine a "living wage" and
use that power to buy votes. Every time they raise wages they send an inflationary
ripple through the economy and then everyone will stand around wondering why 
there's no economic growth. Then the liberal politicians will say, "I've got it, let's 
raise the living wage".

Trish Regan does a good job of taking him on but I doubt she made him any smarter.

The battle over minimum wage | Fox Business Video

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