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December 20, 2014

Six Top QSR Stories for 2014 from QSRWeb

QSRs shift models to 'go where the consumers are' - QSRWeb


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From Restaurant Business :

"McDonald’s will get a new CEO

That’s not said with any glee or snickering. But investors are losing patience with current leadership, and trust isn’t running high. Executives brought financial analysts to headquarters recently for a detailed explanation of the current turnaround strategy. Afterward, BofA Merrill Lynch analyst Joe Buckley remarked to his clients, “There was little insight about near term plans to arrest what has become an alarming loss of market share in the U.S.” Meanwhile, Burger King, Wendy’s and Sonic are all enjoying significant sales improvements. Rumors were swirling at the time of this post that Bill Ackman, a heavily engaged investor who succeeded in the past in changing McDonald’s strategies, is about to get active again. The board will have to do something."


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