December 12, 2014

Consumers to Dine Out More at Restaurants But Spend Less

Consumers to dine out more at restaurants but spend less - NRN


Anonymous said...

We are bleeding to death. 40% of operators have an unexpandable financial score !!!

Anonymous said...

We need to stop trying to BUY SALES. Either do the dollar menu + more or do coupons and other discounts and bogos, but not all at the same time. Coops are giving away free fries and a free medium drink with purchase of a large sandwich. Wheres the profit in that?

Anonymous said...

"Invisibly visible" how many times have you driven by a newly remodeled store, only to see the old sign still in place. to the naked eye it means nothing, to informed, it shows how leveraged an Operator is to try and save every penny. We have all been in this boat. Just a comment.