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December 6, 2014

McCafe Bagged Coffee Rollout - Adage

How much OPNAD $$$ goes to this launch?

Kraft Will Give McCafe Rollout a Big Marketing Boost


Anonymous said...

good idea. after mccafe has been a huge failure we are trying to move coffee sales from the restaurants to the grocery stores cutting o/os out of the deal after we've spent a billion or so of 0/0 money advertising mccafe.

Anonymous said...

Don Thompson should have been RETIRED,


Anonymous said...

Went to a co-op meeting earlier this year and only two operators spoke up against selling coffee in the super markets. So you get what you deserve.
Now the customer can brew a "K-Cup" at home for 60 cents!

Anonymous said...

IMO McCafe wasn't a huge failure, we never gave it the marketing it needed to sustain it (like Selects, but we are bringing those back, haha).

I am concerned about selling our coffee in supermarkets. If you remember, Dunkin franchisees were not happy when their coffee rolled into stores & a franchisee supervisor I spoke with said that to this day, it has HURT their store coffee sales.