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December 10, 2014

See, I Told You So ... Re: Build-A-Burger

In mid-September I posted:

"the four store McDonald's Build-A-Burger program in Southern California is not a test -
it's the preordained future of McDonald's."

On an investor call today Don Thompson said:

“Create Your Taste is not a test,” Thompson said. “It’s a rolling implementation now.”

McDonald's to cut eight menu items in January


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what this "build your own" will cost the operators?

Anonymous said...

I heard today that depending on which model is adopted, the San Diego or Atlanta model operators are looking at $100,000.00 per store. This a speculation from an operator group not anyone with factual knowledge.

Richard Adams said...

That's insane, but then nothing's ever cheap that's designed in Oak Brook.

Anonymous said...

A group of five operators were talking. Two of the five are well connected in Oak Brook by serving on National committee's and other involvement. They are well respected and have been around a long time. They have the reputation of calling it as it is and not overstating problems. They were just reporting what they have "overheard" by being around things. They really don't know for sure. Regional meeting are being planned to softly break the news by the end of January.

Richard Adams said...

Now I've got Wall Street analysts calling expecting me to be able to
explain the logic of launching a major platform that doesn't apply to drive-thru. Can anyone help me explain that?

One analyst speculated that with mobile ordering a customer could order ahead but you still can't make the sandwich until they arrive at the store. From what I've seen and heard these sandwiches take much longer to prepare so you don't want that clogging up the drive-thru. Part of that could be solved with the third DT window but that's only a limited number of stores.


Anonymous said...

"Build a burger" is NOT the answer, it will make things operationally WORSE.SEVEN minute production times when 70% of sales are in Drive thru??? And Thompson is expanding BAB to 2,000 stores??
When will Oak Brook WAKE UP ??

Don Thompsons backround is NOT in Operations. He once told a magazine that he wouldnt join McDonalds because he didnt want to be a "burger flipper". Thompson needs to GO, and his replacement needs to be an OPERATIONS person, a burger flipper !!

Anonymous said...

Build-A-Burger is for "DINE IN" customers only. They are experimenting with a DT program called "Runway" Basically a third window.

Anonymous said...

Once a Person becomes the leader of McD's they seem to become assamed of who we are. Then try and change us to a Mid Causal. I just do not get it. We are in the Quick Service business, help us to be Quick, please.