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April 28, 2014

Support Your Local Operations Guy

While Crain's is certainly jumping the gun here it is interesting that for the first
time in decades there is no clear line of succession at McDonald's.

But, since they started the discussion - among these four the Franchise Equity Group 
vote goes to Dave Hoffmann since he's the only one who (according to his bio) has 
any real restaurant experience.

McDonald's CEO Thompson has no heir apparent - Crain's Chicago Business


Anonymous said...

Not sure that a local person would be any better. Case in point, when I flew to Orlando for the convention on Sunday, there were three McD leaders on my flight, the Regional VP, the QSC-VP ,and the Director of Ops. After landing, each of them were met by SEPERATE chauffered cars, and instead of sharing a limo, they each took seperate cars to the SAME Hotel !!! Must be nice making so much money that they can waste it in this manner.

Richard Adams said...

They must think they work for the Federal government.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't take separate jets!

Richard Adams said...

Those guys must not have gotten the memo because last week McDonald's CFO told shareholders they were going to cut G&A.

"we're actively looking at ways to improve shareholder returns by optimizing our capital structure, while maintaining our long term financial strength; optimizing our ownership structure including certain refranchising activities especially in markets outside of the U.S. and scrutinizing ongoing G&A while appropriately supporting our franchisees and our growth initiatives. As I said at the conferences these additional areas of focus do not represent a change in strategy or financial philosophy, they fit squarely within our business model."

"Financial discipline has been a cornerstone of a plan to win and that certainly will continue because I believe a strong financial foundation is a critical component to building enduring profitable growth."