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April 26, 2014

Cashing In - Part Deux

On April 23rd McDonald's CEO Don Thompson exercised his option on 30,000
McDonald’s shares at a price of $25.31 per share. He sold all 30,000 shares on
the same day at $99.24 per share for a net of $2,217,900.

Added to shares sold in January his running net/net for the year is $4,271,100.

Also, last week, five other McDonald’s officers and directors exercised options
and sold shares for a net profit of $2,990,438.

McDonald's insider trading history is HERE



Anonymous said...

When top execs cash out like this, its time to run for the doors. Savvy investors will bail on McD stock NOW !~!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thompson- the least charismatic and least qualified McD CEO in 40 years is leading McD to disaster. His WWC speech was weak, uninspiring, unfocused and truly inept.

God I miss Jim Skinner

Richard Adams said...

WWC = World Wide Convention, recently held in Orlando FL.