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April 23, 2014

CEO's Comment on McDonald's High-Density Menu

From the transcript:
"When you have a number of builds in the restaurant, basically what you are doing is 
you are leveraging the various condiments and products in the restaurant to build those sandwiches. If you can go to a more streamlined menu board approach and then still
have those comments or condiments, so the customers can customize a bit, it will help
in terms of reducing if you will, complexity."

This makes no sense - Customization will create more complexity and will only create
more problems. 


Richard Adams said...

Keep in mind that this was an answer to a question and not part of the prepared remarks. If this had been part of the prepared remarks it would have been worded much differently.

But still - to expect customization to address menu complexity?

Anonymous said...


Oak Brook is delusional. Im dumping my McD stock now !!