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August 15, 2013

Why Good Faith Is Needed in the Law - Opinion

Ron Gardner is the managing partner of Minneapolis-based Dady 
& Gardner, P.A. and limits his practice to the representation
of franchisees.

Frequent visitors to this website will relate to this paragraph:

"Franchisees face an uphill battle whenever a franchisor makes

decision that is in contravention of the franchisee's rights. In 
an estimated 95% or more of today's franchise agreement, a 
franchisor is given almost unlimited ability to "modify the system."
This gives franchisors the ability to inflict hundreds of thousands
of dollars in additional CAPEX investment by the zees (in the event
of a change of image or product line requiring new equipment) and
/or the creation of massive amounts of additional operating costs 
... (particularly labor costs associated with "improved products"),
all in the name of what is "best for the brand."

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