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August 10, 2013

Would You Like Fries as an Attachment to That E-mail ?

With two college students in the family (and their friends hanging out) we 
order a fair amount of pizza, wings, etc for delivery. It's probably been five,
maybe six, years since we ordered by phone. Building a pizza on-line is fun.

But will on-line ordering work at a quick service restaurant? That's a whole
different thing. The article posted below makes a good case for it working in 
drive-thru. It's doubtful one can make the same case for the inside counter. 

Simply because - no one knows when the customer will walk in the door. But, 
when they do walk in the door they will expect just to grab the bag of food and 
leave, not stand around for four or five minutes waiting for the order to be 

On-line ordering is coming but it certainly won't revolutionize the industry and 
it won't really speed up service inside the restaurant.

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