August 16, 2013

McDonald's U.S. President Struggles to Boost Sales

I found a link to the aforementioned interview with Jeff Stratton. These 
execs continue to claim that pricing decisions are made in Oak Brook: 

    "Stratton is reluctant to significantly raise prices across its menu, 
      despite higher food and labor costs". 

McDonald's U.S. president struggles to boost sales - Chicago Tribune:
                               The burly Stratton

"I am very confident that we're pulling all the right levers on the relationship side to listen to the concerns of our licensees," he said. 

"But to think that everyone is going to be happy in a system this size is a fallacy."

That's exactly what Jack Greenberg said in the late 1990s.


Richard Adams said...

Or, maybe they are just not shy about admitting they call the shots for RMS?

Anonymous said...

This guy gives me reason for pause. Let's see, he grew up in the system, only knows the system, no experience outside the system. This guy may be out of touch with reality, and our customers. How is he going to bring genuine fresh ideas to the system? I hope he is more of a risk taker. I really don't want pretzel burger, but MCD could never move as fast as the competitors, as their size has become a liability to the customers, operators and supply.

Richard Adams said...

Outside experience? That can be argued both ways. McDonald's best years have been when a person
with Stratton's background was in charge. The worst years have been when the person calling the
shots had no real restaurant experience and had been rushed though a phony "operations
orientation" program.

On the other hand, Stratton's real restaurant experience was in the simple, efficient McDonald's
restaurants of yore. A contemporary McDonald's restaurant is anything but simple and efficient.

Fresh ideas? - McDonald's restaurants have been overwhelmed with new ideas in Oak Brook's
obsession with being "All things to all people". McDonald's needs less new ideas. McDonald's needs
less menu items. McDonald's needs less complexity. With his background you'd think Jeff Stratton
would under that this.