August 20, 2013

Nothing to See Here! Part Two

We mentioned the recent Nation's Restaurant News article. It's
available if one registers an e-mail address on the NRN website.
It's quick and easy and worth it to see the comments from Jim
Johanessen. And, an "expert" is quoted as saying McDonald's
Operators can just say, "Here are the keys, I'm out".

It's more like McDonald's lawyers like Johanessen show up at
the door saying "Give us the keys, you're out".

Just go to the bottom of the page and click on "register".

McDonald's franchisees not leaving brand despite tension - NRN

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did the company provide all those talking points for you Mr. Heriaud? Are you "telling" or "selling"? I'm sure there is something the Corporation will do for you. Maybe contribute an extra "thirty pieces of silver" to your MRP for your loyal service.

Operators that vote these programs in at the National level are so far removed from the stores and have no clue how these decisions affect store level operations or the bottom line.