Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 12, 2008

SSS vs TCs

Our Owner/Operator surveys have
historically focused on Operator
comments and gathering some sales info.

To keep things simple we have not tracked transaction
counts. But, when studied TCs were usually a few
points behind the % increase. If the same store sales
increase was + 4% the TC increase was usually around
+ 2%. Expressed as percentages these are apples and
oranges but at least there was a trend for comparison.

This was obviously caused by menu price increases
and the resultant increase in average checks.

In what looks like a seismic shift TCs in many areas
have flip flopped and are increasing ahead of sales.

This can only mean more customers are moving to
the Dollar Menu.

So we are gathering Operator feedback on this topic
and will work to develop a simple way to include TCs
in future surveys.Please make a comment here or send
your thoughts to:



Richard Adams said...

Operator comments on TCs will probably not be approved for posting here but will be retained for future use and communications with McDonald's Owner/Operators.

Anonymous said...

BINGO !!!!! Were getting the bottom feeders and nobody profits but Oak Brook

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, new store rents are approaching 16%.