Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 22, 2008

More from Shareholder's Meeting

Forbes says:

"McDonald's can opt to absorb costs
rather than risk losing customers to
price hikes since its international
sales have been so strong lately".

This would indicate some cost shifting
back to MCD Corp so Opeators can offer

Forbes article is HERE

ChiTrib says Alvarez says:

"in today's environment, we can't pass on all our costs"

"The dollar menu is a key component and is not something
we will be moving off of"

ChiTrib article is HERE:

Please note that the above ChiTrib article mentions
our world famous Owner/Operator surveys!



Anonymous said...

Ralph, O/Os can absorb those costs, if you give us a rent rebate!

Anonymous said...

Comodity costs are projected to increase a minimum of $35k per year this year. How about temporary rent assistance to hold down price increases?