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May 10, 2008

Article Grinds Up McCafe

Crain's Chicago Business is running a
comprehensive article about McCafe titled
"McD's coffee perks slowly"

Owner/Operator Irwin Kruger has the best
quote in the article when he says, "We need
to be convinced that the new product
line is going to give us the lift everyone
hopes it will".

The Crain's website is a subscriber site
so you may need to sign up for a free four
week trial.

Access the article HERE



Anonymous said...

I used to think Irwin would say whatever the corp wanted but he's now my new hero.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Hamburger and French Fry McDonald's that we all grew up in? I think that if we spent a small fraction of this CBB money on the REAL problems in McDonald's we would be better than we are now.

Anonymous said...

Got your email, thanks for getting the truth out.

Anonymous said...

From the April 23 Michigan RLC minutes, "McCafe Specialty Coffee sustaining at 270 AWUs with no significant improvement toward goal". (elsewhere the minutes state that the goal is 500 AWUs)

Anonymous said...

everyone who is anyone shold log in and read this article. The real truth is not being published by Corp. Go slow is the word for the wise on this deal! Big money for questionable results is not the way to go in this economy