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May 22, 2008

Newflash! - McDonald's will not pass all costs to consumers

It's shareholder meeting day so there will a
lot of silly headlines like this. Of course
we know McDonald's Corp does not set prices
for franchisees so this must mean just McOpCo.

Reuters story is HERE

The company said it remains committed to its low-price dollar menu:

"The menu (double cheeseburgers for $1) has
been popular with cash-strapped customers
and has helped drive traffic to stores,
which has helped to mitigate margin pressure
from commodity costs.

Oh, really ???


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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the East DLC just announced a June 9 conference call with Management to discuss these very issues. Looks like the fix is already in and the conference call is just a way for King to act concerned. A MAJOR waste of time.