Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 13, 2023

Fortune on Joint Employer

Nothing really new here except this article does a good job of explaining the problems and challenges.

Could make it easier for millions of Americans to unionize


Anonymous said...

It’s business as usual at McDonald’s. They really don’t take any of our suggestions or input anymore. Our technology is still antiquated and doesn’t work well together.

Anonymous said...

Our franchisor has committed an egregious travesty against us by sitting down and negotiating an agreement in California with the SEIU, without the participation of the affected California owners. By sitting down with the Union, McDonald’s has done what the SEIU has not been able to achieve so far by itself, that is McDonald’s has given legitimacy to the Union and the right to represent McDonald’s fast-food workers without a required election or Union organizing process. Why should the SEIU bother to go through the arduous process of organizing and having elections in every store when the company is already collective bargaining with the union without owner operator input? The SEIU now has legitimacy and a seat at the table, without having to spend tens of millions of dollars to organize the stores and hold elections. McDonald’s circumvented the normal processes, and the operators are now stuck with this ‘negotiated’ result. We’ve been sacrificed by the corporation so that they might avoid joint employer status. And the resulting setup of the wage board, with its union members, guarantees future wage increases on an annual basis without the threat of strikes, lockouts, or negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Current eligibility manipulations have transitioned once profitable stores into mediocre stores. They complain about inflationary price increases, but that is the only thing keeping the entire system afloat. Operators have no control over their business anymore. There’s no viable course for correction. It’s been a good run for the brand.