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November 30, 2023

If You Partner With Disney Keep an Eye on the Mouse


Professor Jonathan Turley is a Professor of Public Interest Law at the George Washington Law School. He is also a frequent political commentator, often on the liberal side.

Southern California was a convenient place to experiment with the early McDonald's/Disney "alliance" attempts, so I've seen this evolution as an Owner/Operator, a consumer, and an observer. Historically, Disney was the dominant party in the McDonald's relationship, but that appears to be changing. Disney is a broken company and now needs to piggyback on other brands to correct course if it can be corrected. Professor Turley says:

Disney acknowledges that its controversial political and social agenda is costing the company and shareholders.


Anonymous said...

We are stuck with Disney since we have so many former Disney employees and directors in mcd. I don't know how we break that bond.

Anonymous said...

Go woke, go broke.

Anonymous said...

Company needs more executives with restaurant operations experience.

Anonymous said...

A relationship is no longer a concern for the corporation! Costs continue to skyrocket as well. With the service fee increase to 5% and getting less support will only cause additional contention. New store cost is going up and rent is going up.