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November 20, 2023

Baristas Running the Asylum

Unionized Starbucks employees want to dictate promotional activity. Got me thinking. What if unionized employees in a franchised restaurant chain wanted to call the shots on system procedures. What if the union decided that cooking temperatures were too high for a particular product or station, making the employees perspire a little? Or the service time criteria are onerous, and employees should be allowed to slow down and reduce their stress level?

Most franchise system procedures are developed by corporate with franchisee input over time, not by a few employees on social media discussing what changes they'd like to make.

  Union wants Starbucks to suspend digital sales - Restaurant Business


Richard Adams said...

This article is from Thursday, and the Red Cup event was supposed to start on Friday. No news coverage on the strike yet, but we'll watch for some coverage later on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I heard a lot of stupid S…. But this is a big pile

how about WAL MART or TARGET saying they will
be to busy as well 😀😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Unions--bringing in the means of the destruction of your own business.