Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 15, 2023

Don't Miss These Comments

It might pay to review comments on service fees since this April posting

Are Service Fees to be Reduced?


Anonymous said...

Feckless yammer, by even more Feckless leadership. I remember being chastised a decade ago or more ago, during the MCCafe deboggle.

I said then, if smacked in the face
.. franchisees better be ready to counter with a punch in the mouth.

I wonder if leaderahip stood up THEN, if the system would be better today? Maybe not, but they damned sure show up and listen.

Now, who has the depth? The history? To go toe-to-toe - to move past polite request to ultimatums. You know who NO ONE. As they rightfully fear losing their business.

Dont believe me, ask Mark.. Mark! Mark? Yep, gone.

It takes more than a few, it takes everyone in sequence. However, theres too many back stabbers in the franchisee system who will sell out their fellow operators for another store.

Just like their remaining corporate partners. So narcissistic they'd burn down the system, simply to rule over the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Where'd Mark go?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mark, the only operator in the Dallas region who had the cajones to raise the $1 drink to $1.19 and Corporate came down on him like 10,000 suns. He retired from the system soon thereafter. That Mark??