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May 3, 2023

Byron Allen: McDonald's CEO Needs to be Fired

CK needs to be fired, says Allen Media Group CEO

(A few minutes into the interview)


Anonymous said...

Byron Allen must do business with me is what the lawsuit should be called. He could careless about any black community unless it makes him money. The guy that lives in a 100 million dollar pad in Malibu Ca. He is smart to file in California court.

He is right though about one thing; Chris K probably should be fired because he is in well over his head and messed up Gatorade which makes anyone wonder how he can lead a global brand.

Anonymous said...

When policies of woke and too big to fail, meet reality.

CK type policies and leadership = brand disassociation and collapse.

But when a brand ignores history, they are doomed to repeat it.

Theres no small entrepreneurial philosophies in McDonaldLand, its all about control. Ideas are indifference. Feedback is subversion.

Its not tradional brand values and growth, its all about stock manipulation.

The numbers of franchisees needed with traditional knowledge and history of the brand, that once made McDonald’s great. It simply doeant exist any longer.

It is the brand, it once fought against becoming. And there is no stopping the inevitable..

See your future...

Richard Adams said...

"Feedback is subversion" ... Great line, I'll think I'll steal it.