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May 10, 2023

Andy Puzder - Long Form

Most visitors to this website seem to enjoy to the wisdom of the former Carl's Jr. CEO. This is a transcript of a speech he recently gave at Hillsdale College. It's longer than most of our postings but worthwhile. The speech is a few months old so some statistics may be dated.

The Biden Economy and How It Can Be Fixed


Richard Adams said...

You can receive Imprimis free by mail or digitally. At the top of this article, there's a button for "subscribe" (above Andy's picture). Either way, the subscription is free and yes, it's a fundraiser but you won't find them pushy.

Anonymous said...

yet biden will get a lot of his campaign contributions from big corps like McD.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading the MCKINNEY book
like hundreds of others

I / WE will never know what they got
paid & what MCD saved. BUT there
seems to be someone (like the authors)
to find out in the months or years ahead

less people / closing offices / hiring
non MCD people doing visits - eliminating
more experienced staff & putting 20 year
old crew people in - I heard OA’s now send
receipts to the Philippines to pay (heard it
no proof - just a comment )

someone smarter than me knows 3 - times as much

like to hear opinions PLZ