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November 15, 2022

Illinois "Workers Rights" Admendment Passes

"giving unions more latitude in collective bargaining with their public employers will lead to higher costs for government that will be passed on to taxpayers, including through property tax hikes."

Another reason to leave Illinois - Associated Press


Anonymous said...

these articles and legislative language alays talks about "protecting" employees. Protect them from who? It's not as though every business was a sweat shop from the 1920s.

Anonymous said...

I know right ☝️

Yea but don’t forget your the big bad business owner that is all about raising prices and your greedy profits. You probably are surely stealing from all your employees with “wage theft” and the like …… you probably are even against paying a “living wage” to your cashiers or maintenance man - wtf? I mean wow … what kind of person are you anyway …….


Anonymous said...

CORP? Maybe

Anonymous said...

These people confuse the franchise owners with MCD corporate and they see Chris K and other executives' salaries, bonuses and stock options and compare that with the cerew members pay.

It's the same ignorance fueling the joint employer nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The above rant about “big bad biz owner” and “greedy profits “ was sarcasm from a franchisee- must of been my delivery. Sometimes it’s off. Just ask my new rookie FBP.