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November 23, 2022

Someone Was Right About ESG

Earlier this year I tried to bring attention to the sickening tone of the McDonald's Chairman's 2021 letter to shareholders. As I said, the letter "dripped" with political correctness, wokeness, and an obsession with ESG. 

I'm sticking with my prediction that when 2022 annual reports are published there will be a lot less mention of ESG. Directors will pretend they don't know what those three letters stand for.

FTX bankruptcy exposes ESG's flaws - Americans for Tax Reform

FTX And ESG: A Panorama of Failed Governance - Forbes

1 comment:

Richard Adams said...

To be clear, I'm not making any further comparisons between FTX and McDonald's. McDonald's isn't in bankruptcy and isn't a Ponzi scheme. Of course, if the liberals get more and more control they'll get it there.
And we might as well mention Disney. The turmoil at Disney is an entirely different set of problems but it all relates to wokeness and political correctness. The problems at DIS may be tougher to fix because liberals have dominated their corporate culture for decades.