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October 10, 2022

McDonald's Traffic Beating Broader Restaurant Industry

Inflation good for McDonald's - Jonathan Maze


Anonymous said...

Inflation may be making consumers trade down to us, but without enough staff we are in a bind to serve more of them. And the ever increasing commodity and labor costs are severely eating into profits.

Anonymous said...

labor is a killer
I have 5 restaurants back in the day they were called units RIGHT RICHARD?

back before COVID I had 50 to 70 employees
now I have 35 to 50 with a ton of OT (have to keep the doors open ) they R burning out

as far as VEGAS
1. getting a root canal

2. Getting a colonoscopy

this will be way more than VEGAS

I can go there another time

to those that choose to go
Use the HALLOWEEN word

CRIS K & JOE E I cannot print what I really want to say because RICHARD would block it out
I am sure you are thinking the same things about leadership (if that’s what you call what CRIS &
JOE style)

I don’t have enough space about PACE -good lock with that

can’t wait to get out = hope I can survive 2 more years

I had 4 people working at a restaurant DOWN 3. OA comes in says YOU HAVE A LANE CLOSED

I Said NO SHIT SHERLOCK - how about helping we can open that lane then

said he was in a tight schedule & left

what an A. can’t think of A word for HOLE

so an A. OPENING. RICHARD will not cut this out


Anonymous said...

Tough times come and go, and so do corporate executives at HQ. You know who hasn't? Franchise owners.

Want to keep it that way through MCD's new plan to take your business ess when the franchise agreement expires and resell it to someone else (you get no $, they do)? Join NOA and get to work on keeping your equity.

Attend a CFA event (NOA is a member so you are welcome) and start the march. No one else will do it for you. You need to develop a plan. I assure you that Chris K and Joe E have a very detailed one.

Anonymous said...

The above poster is spot on! Why any owner would not join and support NOA after the rent chart quagmire, the Tech Fee battle, PACE, and now new equity destroying Franchising Policies is beyond me. Do they have a death wish? Can they not see the writing on the wall? The Overreach?
We invest millions to walk away with nothing?

My only conclusion is that those owners (who wont join NOA) have their heads so far up McDonalds behind, that they can not see how they are being screwed. 55 cents a day is cheap insurance (our crews waste much more than that every hour). Its YOUR equity-PROTECT IT!

Anonymous said...

Chris K and Joe E are charlatans who should be fired! They would not even agree to give us a short extension on the new Franchise Policy so that we could adjust our retirement and estate planning.

PARTNERS??? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The CFA has a complaint procedure. Go to

Anonymous said...

The CFA is another reason to join NOA
(non NOA members get no help or representation from CFA)