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October 29, 2022

McDonald’s stock hits all time high

The share price hit about $274 on Friday, a jump of roughly 3% for the day.


Anonymous said...

for every plus there is a negative

my YTD P&L is down
FOOD 1.7 higher

LABOR 2.5 higher


PAC down 6%

there is the balance Little higher on sone - lower on the other 😁😁

we did help MCD achieve their r cord stock price - maybe you will get a thank you card

how did we help you ask?

8.50% to 12% or more RENT

4% SERVCE FEES - here is a good example my sales are short of 20M but will use that number for easy
multiplication 20M times 4% is $800,000.00 dollars WHAT 😫😡🤬🤯
did you ever wonder how that 4% is spent?

so I do not get my decimal in the wrong spot - what is 4% of ??????? U.S. sales?

Richard Adams said...

Not to mention the extraordinary amounts you spend on advertising, promotion, (over and above your franchise agreement), and the expense of discounting and giving away so much free food.