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October 4, 2021

Caution: Increased Operating Costs Ahead

 McDonald's Corp. climbs in bed with environmental whackos


Anonymous said...

MCD is no longer in alignment with the business owner/operator - but then, neither is many of the owner leadership teams. For the most part, they all drank the Kool-Aid.

The brand will move based on past Trust Bank relationships built by KROC and TURNER. As this wanes, which has started, so will too the brand - into the WHITE CASTLE history of once was.

I saw a few operators that recently left the system - still concerned about the brand. While today's owners are still in the system - cant make it into the restaurant on any given day.

It's a different world - it's not Ray Kroc's McDonald's - that's for sure.

Let's see how long the OTHER QSR strategy works in McDonaldLand - before it achieves OTHER QSR failing results. Now that today's generation has released its PRICING to the corporation, through the APP with discounting and REWARDS - it's gonna be a really interesting ride for the uninitiated.

Anonymous said...

in general I understand the above sentiment. But think, so long as operators have their net worth stored in McDonald's, we'll find a way to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Operators will find a way to succeed, they always have. Its up to them to prevent corporate from blocking them.
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