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October 29, 2021

Can QSRs Contend With Inflation and Still Discount and Give Away Food?

 McDonald's prices up 6% this year



Anonymous said...

MCD gets a HUGE chunk of that 6% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Supermarkets Nationwide are curbing discounting due to supply shortages to limit stock outages. Are you listening MCD? OPNAD? ANYONE?


Anonymous said...

McDonald's lost its marketing ability. It's a simple advertising agency, which has bowed at the altar of mega discounting. Even Chris K. eluded that promos, discounting and rewards are simple efforts to undercut operator profits. He already believes operators overprice everything.

A simple notion when you have no history in actually running restaurants. So MCD WILL NEVER have the proper notion of quelling discounting. It will take a revolt of restaurants losing 8-11% with the APP - on top of the typical 1.5% on basic COOP discounting. You'd be surprised how many haven't a clue about the discounting they vote to give away.

Anonymous said...

I blame discounting on OPNAD, NFLA and Vickie Chancellor. Lemmings all.