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February 8, 2019

Taco Bell - QSR Mag

Taco Bell's Blazing Run Isn't Slowing Down.


Anonymous said...

It certainly seem David Gibbs understands the dynamic of Taco Bell operations and Operators better than "The mighty politicians in the sky" at the helm of McD. Mr. Gibbs appears to work with and the Operators and understands the mechanics and culture of their business far better then our Chicago thugs, and his results show it.

Anonymous said...

Why do other companies have true partners when we at McDonald’s have true dictators? Dictators like Charlie Robeson. Someone needs to build a SAM wall around his house so he won’t bother anyone in McDonald’s ever again!

Richard Adams said...

Be careful what you wish for. Robeson is pretty much the only person working at McDonald's headquarters who's ever run a McDonald's restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe true. But he hasn’t done anything for the operators as a whole in years.