Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 1, 2019

McDonald's Earnings Call Transcript for Q4 2018

McDonald's Corporation on Q4 2018 Results Transcript - Seeking Alpha

Replay of the conference call - registration required


Anonymous said...

Chik fil A is busy putting in FOUR LANE drive thrus (which is 70% + of OUR sales) ,and our totally clueless CEO and USA Prez are forcing us to spend billions system wide on our DINING ROOM!(only 25-30% of our sales) Very misguided and foolish. What is wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong is your elected past NLC reps accepted this plan

Anonymous said...

yep and some are running AGAIN for the new NFLA position.... I will NOT be voting for ANY previous member of the NLC. And I really don't care about the content of the town hall, rhetoric will not influence my thoughts about previous members. Mark Salebra will get my vote because he's led with his actions.