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July 7, 2018

McDonald's is Officially Out of People

Apparently the effort to downsize McDonald's has no plan or logic. For a mature company 
to have a lack of middle management is a sign of incompetence. Of course, the downsizing
is being managed by people who know little or nothing about McDonald's so some of this 
blundering is to be expected.

This Linkedin job posting is interesting. It appears that the new position of "Operations Assistant" has a primary function - reporting Operator food safety problems to HQ.

Will that attract quality people or just nasty, control-freak types?

"The Operations Associates main focus is on evaluating the Franchisee business

and ensuring it is in accordance to operating standards held by McDonald’s. 
The Operations Associate is responsible for immediately reporting restaurants 
below food safety standards to Operations Associate Lead and Operations Officer. 
This position works collaboratively with Franchisee Business Partners, Franchisee, 
and the deployment team.
This role is based in Denver, CO."

Linkedin job posting is HERE


Anonymous said...

I have NEVER seen, over three decades, a lower morale both in the operator community and with MCD employees. MCD employees are unappreciated by Corp and live in constant fear of getting axed. Operators are no longer partners. They dictate, we must obey. The three legged stool only has one leg- and the stockholder has acquired that leg.

Anonymous said...

I want to say I feel sorry for all the corporate people gone but they shoot themselves in the foot; if they were not so nasty, ruthless and could care less for the most part about the franchisees it is hard to feel sorry for them as franchisees we have all had them with a swipe of their pen or their bad decisions wipe out hundreds of thousands in cash flow, so big deal they lost a job get a 1-2 severance pay and move on to their next corporate job but I am left with millions in debt and cash flow that has evaporated.

Richard Adams said...

"Minimum Requirements
Experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry is not required but preferred"