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July 3, 2018

Cheesy Lawsuit Frivolous?

Yes, this is a cheesy lawsuit and people who use our legal system in such a way should be stripped of their citizenship. But, there is a point here.

In sampling the never-frozen quarter patties I decided to try a couple of quarters without cheese so I could better examine the patties. When the kiosk charged me full with/cheese 
price I thought to myself "Hey?".

The problem is, the typical McDonald's store charges more for a regular cheeseburger than 
a regular hamburger. And, for customers who remember when the quarter pounder without cheese was on the menu, it cost less than a QPC.

So McDonald's has done a good job of implanting the idea that cheeseburgers are more valuable than hamburgers without cheese.

My humble opinion? Quarter Pounders without cheese should not be on the menu but if a 
kiosk customer deletes the cheese the price of the sandwich should be reduced by a modest amount.

The profit loss to the Operator should be minimal because - face it - very few customers 
are going to delete the cheese. Based on my recent experience the Quarter Pounder without cheese is OK but these days few people will opt for a sandwich as plain as a Quarter Pounder without cheese.

Is this cheesy McDonald's lawsuit frivolous, or have we all been paying too much for our burgers? - Sun Sentinel


Anonymous said...

If we start deducting price of cheese from sandwiches, then will we reduce price of sauce from a Big Mac if the customer takes it off since we charge for Mac sauce? Or do we reduce the price of a Big Mac when a customer takes the cheese off? The problem was that we gave the option before of a Quarter Ham. But we removed the item. I understand that a Hamburger is a different price of a cheeseburger. But the “Hamburger” is on the menu. Go to any place that has a sandwich with cheese, you won’t get the price reduced for removing a piece of the build. This can open up to so many issues that the best thing we can do is fight it until it goes away. And let’s face it, the biggest culprit here is the technology we use. The item shows up on the kiosk out of nowhere. It won’t be activated on our register but will be on the kiosk and mobile ap. So essentially they run on two different platforms and it gets confusing to manage. The item probably appeared by accident and the store wasn’t really aware. If it is not on our register it should not be on our kiosk or mobile ap.

Anonymous said...

My Happy Meals are all the same $3 Ham or Chz, my Hamburger & Cheeseburger are both $1 thanks McD's or really my OPNAD reps for price fixing almost my entire menu board.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg and others note that 11 US states are working to stop ‘no-poach’ agreements, which mean fast-food restaurants have the means to restrict employee’s ability to seek promotions into higher paid positions and earn a better living. Franchises such as Five Guys, Little Caesars, Panera and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen are being investigated by the 11 states.

Guess the "Piracy clause" in the license agreement is dead?