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May 3, 2018

Security at Franchise Equity Group

When franchisees ask, "What security precautions do you use"? My answer is "all of them".

But it's easy because I'm the only one here. There are no employees, no file clerks, no office manager - just me. There's no one to look over my shoulder or sneak a peek at a memo or a computer screen. No one to overhear conversations.

All family members are off doing their own thing - no Next Generation here.

In this digital world I've grown to dislike paper. When I finish a project everything goes in
the shredder. I also dislike keeping files involving ancient history. If it's not something 
I'll need in the next 48 hours it goes to the shredder.

And of course, I don't blab. I would never (and have never) told anyone anything about my other contacts. 

My overused example is - if I was talking to two siblings, one on the west coast and one on 
the east coast - neither one would ever know about those connections unless they told each other. But they wouldn't hear it from me.

And there's much more but my security precautions don't allow me to discuss this further.

There is no need for paranoia - no matter how many letters the bullies send around.

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