Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 4, 2018

McDonald's Operator Comment of the Week

"According to McDonald's Corporation, I am an independent business owner which means I can share the results of my business within anyone I want, I can also share my perspective on current promotions & how they are performing in my business with anyone I choose. I would never reveal or comment on upcoming or unannounced operational or promotional items or McDonald's Corporation results before announced to the public. But I would also never let Mr. Koulouris or his legal council suppress my voice on my business, I do not fear a cease & desist letter followed by a lawsuit. If something such as that ever occurred I would subpoena every known document, electronic file, personal phone logs from known vendors and corporate leakers, the legal fallout and SEC investigation would start a criminal investigation against McDonald's current and former executives my restaurants value would be far greater for them to get rid of me than the current value, of course at that time any poor grading results would be clear retaliation." 


Anonymous said...

I thought the E Mail from Corp. was Funny. The more they lose Employees or Operators the more leaking goes on.

Like losing a couple of Officers to the competition with out a Non-Compete clauses started with new company only days after leaving McD, Pushing Operators Out and making them mad as Hell and Losing employees because of changing work conditions. All of these add to the Leaking and none of these are current Operators trying to make the system work.

Maybe the Upper Management needs to work on Cleaning up their on house before worrying about ours.

And Why did the CEO spend 15 mins of my life at the WWC telling about his new office? I still see this as a colossal Waste of Time and Money, Time better spent on the business not window dressing.

Anonymous said...

Is there an issue we should know about??

Anonymous said...

The earnings transcript was interesting in that Easterbrook said, that "franchisee's generally run better stores than the company" or words to that effect. I've never heard top management admit it.