Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 10, 2017

McDonald's Future Acquisitions

NRN's Maze on McDonald's possible acquisitions


Anonymous said...

Just more secret under the table deals that make money for MCD upper managers and overcharge o/os.

Anonymous said...

Fix the food first!!! Techonology is not MCD's core problem. The core problem is our FOOD!

Anonymous said...

We can not fix our food until we adopt REASONABLE delivery times !!

Anonymous said...

Food is the problem. I AGREE

consumers report (if you believe their reporting) lists MCD dead last in food taste. IN and OUT #1 --- even Sonics beat us

Our VOICE scores also tell us we have problems in quality as well

Customers are thinking we are becoming Sears and JC Penneys.

We are to proud or uninformed to believe otherwise

We are brainwashed

Now the 2020 plan. Might as well have a 2050 plan

Good luck to these 2nd gen operators I feel bad for them

Anonymous said...

What does CHICKFILA--- IN and OUT --- 5 GUYS ---- CHIPOLTE and CULVERS have in common

No dollar drinks, no 2 for 5.00, no buy one get one, no thousands of office staff doing nothing


agree on food quality statements above. Let's see what else can we discount at the next co-op meeting

Anonymous said...

When McDonald's Corp acquired those restaurant brands years ago they did not want to learn from them they wanted to "McDonaldlize" them. The McD's corporate executives knew better that is why they put McDonald's people in charge or in very high positions in all those companies.

I'll give you a simple example; McDonald's one time was looking how they could put desserts at the end of the counter in Chipotle to increase average check (the bean counters were at work) cookies in this circumstance were from the same supplier McDonald's was purchasing them from, Steve Ells was adamantly against this as it did not enhance the customer experience. This was one of hundreds of arguments with him McDonald's did not want to learn from what they were doing right.

PepsiCo suffers from the same problem but not as bad as McDonald's they buy many of these edgy, progressive brands and always want to change them.

Starbucks has done a great job at buying these small brands and learning from them, they liquidate many of them after they learned what they wanted or adapted some good things from that company into their brand. That is the business model Microsoft, Facebook & many tech companies have done.

Richard Adams said...

And that was back when McDonald's Corp. was primarily run by people with restaurant experience (at least McDonald's experience) (except for Greenberg). Today's McDonald's is run by a bunch of accountants with no idea of what's happening within the four walls of the restaurants. Thinking about this gang running a multiplicity of restaurant brands is laughable.

Anonymous said...

The level and depth of McDonald's incompetence is truly frightening. Regional managers are nothing more than "order takers" from Oak Brook. They couldn't make a decision if they had to.