March 27, 2017

Jan Fields Finds a Job

Buffalo Wild Wings nominates former McDonald’s executive to board


Anonymous said...

How long will it take GOOD OLD JAN to convince the suits that BUY ONE GET ONE and DOLLAR drinks are the new future
for the WINGS?

Sell your WINGS stock before its to late

Another one will be biting the dust.

Anonymous said...

Jan Fields was part of the adminstrations of the USA MCD that built over two hundred stores that should have never been built. She contributed to adding a half a billion dollars to USA costs that is a huge part of MCD's decline. On balance her body of business decisions were decidedly negative and directly contributed to the decline of MCD's leadership position in the industry. She is not now and never was a leader. Glad she is gone.

Richard Adams said...

We have to give Buffalo Wild Wings credit for reaching out to people with actual restaurant knowledge and experience. For McDonald's executives that's become a career negative.