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July 22, 2016

Smartest CEO in the Business (CKE's Andy Puzder)...

...discusses politics with former McDonald's USA Pres Ed Rensi


Anonymous said...

Ed Rensi was probably the most disagreeable, disliked and nasty CEO the company ever had. That's why he got booted out. He may look a little more mellow now, but watch your back. Some of his opinions regarding business, however, are right on.

Richard Adams said...

Ed Rensi's comments on free enterprise and less government are enjoyable but he was the "founder" of the bullying management style that became so prevalent in McDonald's.

McDonald's veterans will remember Oak Brook VP Jim Kuhn who wrote a book about bad management techniques titled "Management By Hassling". It has long been rumored the book was Jim's effort to reverse Rensi's influence on the McDonald's culture.

Richard Adams said...

By the way, Ed was never CEO of McDonald's, even though FOX identifies him that way and he does not correct them. He was Pres. of McDonald's USA in the mid-1990s under CEO Quinlian.

Anonymous said...

Eddie has been gone over 20 years. he and Dentice own their on restaurant. Why do they contuine to call him retired CEO? That's like calling me an ex-landscaper because I did that 40 years ago.

Yes, he was an a-hole. Remember the time many years ago at a convention someone in the gathering was asking a tough question and Eddie's response was "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT WHY DON'T YOU JUST SELL?' I will never forget what he said in front of thousands of people.

He is an embarrassment to the system, and that's saying something for some of the people that left after him.

Yes, Jim Kuhn was a total opposite personality. He listened, like one of the articles said.

Mr. Adams, your comments please. I am sure you have some doosies.

Richard Adams said...

Actually I never knew Rensi, other to hear him speak at conventions. As an Operator I kept as far away from McDonald's corporate people as possible. I knew they could only do me harm. It was my way of pretending I was in business for myself.

People in the media will always describe a person with the most impressive title they've ever held. It establishes the credibility of the person they are interviewing.

Anonymous said...

Rensi should stick to auto racing. He was a bully and egomaniac. Good operators left the system because of him.