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July 23, 2016

Oak Brook Getting Nervous About Rio

McDonald's not so keen on making a big Olympic splash this year - CBJ


Anonymous said...

The olympics are an incredible waste of resources. Being a partner gives you the right to use the marks and be the official restaurant of the games, but watch as you'll see more Subway ads. There is no reason to pay this amount other than the company execs that will take a paid vacation to the games to "work".

Anonymous said...

Just like they did in 1984 when they sponsored the summer Olympics in Los Angeles. I was a registered applicant and got "free" tickets to the games. However, those "free" tickets cost the operators millions via OPNAD. For some reason, the Olympics are more important to the Company than re-licensing happy meal toys with Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilms, etc. Misplaced priorities.

Richard Adams said...

Nicole Miller Regan - Piper Jaffray & Co. (Broker)

Thanks. Good morning. Wondering how do you benefit, or not, from the Summer Olympics. And is there anything you want us to be aware of in the third quarter relating to that for modeling purposes? Thanks.

Stephen J. Easterbrook - President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

Well, I mean, for us, there's a brand association with sports. We've been a long-term sponsor of the Olympics. So we have some fun and engaging initiatives going on, particularly in and around Rio and working with our partners down there, Arcos Dorados. I wouldn't say there's anything material that's going to impact our business trends. We'll have some fun with it in certain markets where there's promotional activity, where there's tie-ins and allows consumers to get a little closer to it. And you can expect to see us with a little piece of that across the U.S. as well, but I wouldn't see it materially impacting our business one way or the other. It's just a brand reinforcement that we're committed to, to global sport to supporting participation at local community levels, just like we are with football or soccer around the world with our FIFA partnership.

Anonymous said...

The Olympics when outside the US especially does absolutely nothing for US sales!