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November 4, 2015

The Roller Coaster Ride at Famous Dave's

At less than 200 locations Famous Dave's is no threat to anyone but McDonald's 
veterans will be interested in former McDonald's guy Ed Rensi's involvement.

How investors took Famous Dave's for a ride - NRN


Anonymous said...

At least Famous Daves put a franchisee on its board under Rensi. McDonalds still does not value its operators enough to allow that

Anonymous said...

Rensi was perhaps the biggest a**hole to ever grace Oakbrook.

Anonymous said...

If thats the case then he must have trained my region's QSC VP

Anonymous said...

Rensi is living in the past. What happened to the restaurant concept he started with Tom Dentice? Rensi is a phony in so many ways.

Richard Adams said...

Their website says Tom & Eddies has three locations in Chicagoland. It's no Smashburger but they seem to have survived their first five years: